We’ve made some quick, limited enhancements to our website to improve maintainability, accessibility and readability. The changes involve Notifications, Facebook Connection, Facebook (Social Media) “Likes;” E-mail icon, Member Menu, Branding and Best Practices.

Notifications – Subscribers or “Followers” will receive an e-mail message when there is a new “post” on the website. Initially, all members are subscribers (yes, you can opt out).

Facebook Connection – A new article posted on the website can also be automatically and simultaneously posted on the Club’s Facebook page.

Facebook (Social Media) “Likes” – Viewers/readers with social media accounts (such as Facebook) can “Like” a post right from the website.  Clicking on “Like” makes an entry on the reader’s Facebook Page but also on the Pages of others previously designated Facebook “Friends” by the reader.

E-mail Icon – There is also an icon that allows the viewer to quickly send the post by e-mail to anyone (with an e-mail address).

Member Menu – Information of internal interest is not generally highlighted and is stored under a Member menu. However, this menu item is not password protected. Anyone who wants to know the “inside stuff” can take a peek.

Branding -The Club’s “fountain” logo appears on every page; the Rotary logo and tag line appear on every page.

“Best Practices” – Updating of imagery; posts scannable with short paragraphs, links, images and special terminology defined.

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