Fly the Colors… The Patriotic Display of the Flag on Six American Holidays
The Ridgefield Rotary Club and the Marine Corps League invite Ridgefield Residents to join your neighbors in displaying the U.S. flag on 6 major holidays each year. Proceeds from Fly the Colors will be used to benefit area veterans and their families. We will purchase, display, pick up, store and maintain the flags. The flags will remain the property of the Ridgefield Rotary Club.

– Fly the Colors is an annual, subscription-based service. The first year cost is $50. Thereafter, it is $25 per year.  We are also offering a multi year option for your convenience this year.

– A renewal notice will be sent each Spring unless we are notified in writing of your withdrawal from the program.

If you have questions or would like to contact us, please click here.

– Registration is by form with check payable to Ridgefield Rotary Foundation. Please use the attached Order Form to pay by check. Or you may register and pay online by entering your information below.

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– Flags will be installed for Memorial Day and removed after Veterans Day.

The Rotary Club of Ridgefield normally displays its flags beginning in May, before Memorial Day, and takes them down after Veterans’ Day. This year,

due to all the concerns surrounding the virus attack, we felt it would be appropriate to show our support for our country beginning immediately!

– A plastic pipe will be buried in your yard permanently, flush with the ground, to hold the flag staff in place. A plastic cap will cover the pipe when not in use. A marker will be put in the street to indicate the location of the buried pipe.

– A 3×5 foot flag on a 10 foot staff will be placed in the holder.

– Installation will be in coordination with “Call Before You Dig” and Ridgefield Public Works.

– Homeowners must notify us of underground installations such as a sprinkler system or invisible dog fence near the curb in Ridgefield.

Flying the Flag at Night

The United States Flag Code is a Federal law that establishes advisory rules for display and care of the flag of the United States.

The Flag Code says, “Ordinarily the flag should be displayed only between sunrise and sunset, although when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated” to prevent its being enveloped in darkness.

In thousands of locations throughout the United States, display of the flag in a respectful manner does not violate the spirit of the Flag Code since the dignity accorded the flag is preserved by street lamps or other ambient light.

Historians note that it was in the “dawn’s early light” of September 14, 1814, that Francis Scott Key first spotted the red, white and blue banner that inspired our national anthem.

If it is flown properly, porch lights, street lamps or ambient light from any source is considered adequate for illumination as long as the flag is protected against being enveloped in total darkness.

The Ridgefield Detachment of the Marine Corps League agrees with this interpretation of the rule. With that, we hope that you will enjoy the meaning of our Fly the Flag program and join us in celebrating what our veterans have fought for.