There are no speakers at this time.

The Ridgefield Rotary Club has a speaker at most meetings to enhance the Club’s understanding of the Town, local businesses, business in general, and topics of general interest. Guests and prospective members are always welcome at meetings.

Members rotate to take responsibility to provide a speaker.  The links below provide the latest updates to the Speaker Schedule — listing the member responsible and, if known, the scheduled speaker.

The dates are assigned alphabetically by last name and pick up where we left off in June.

As we have done in the past, the assigned Rotarian presents their “Rotary Minute” prior to introducing the guest speaker.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind as your assigned speaker date approaches:

  • Provide speaker name, organization, title, and topic to Rainer Gonet no later than one week prior to assigned date.

  • Guest Speakers can be personal contacts, another Rotarian, yourself, or identified from various sources including: Ridgefield Press, Patch, Ridgefield Elected Officials and Board/Commission Chairs, etc.

  • Assigned dates can be switched with another member with their consent.

  • Avoid speakers that are trying to sell services or products.

  • Determine and make arrangements for any audio visual needs that the speaker may require

  • The club pays for the guest speaker’s meal. You are responsible for notifying (and collecting from) the guest speaker that any additional guests will be charged $33 per meal.

  • Refer to club bylaws Article 15 – Political Speakers Policy for additional guidelines concerning political candidates in an election year.