Jason Otrin has started his own business, On Course Drones, thanks to help from Ridgefield Rotary.

The 500 Ridgefielders who support Ridgefield Rotary’s Fly the Colors program have helped an Army veteran launch a new business.

Jason Otrin, who was introduced to Ridgefield Rotary through the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) program at UConn, developed On Course Drones to train police, fire departments and businesses to use drones.

He trains departments to earn their FAA drone pilot certificate and helps them start drone programs, providing drone flight training and assistance navigating FAA, state and local regulations. On Course Drones also provides traditional aerial imagery services.

As a veteran of U.S. Army Aviation, a private pilot (manned-aircraft) with a lifelong passion for aviation, Otrin created On Course Drones to combine his aviation experience with his enjoyment of helping, training and mentoring others.

Recently, Otrin returned to Ridgefield Rotary to do a presentation on drone technology, its uses and to discuss some of the benefits and challenges that it brings.

“I’m very grateful for Ridgefield Rotary’s generous support of the EBV program and their dedication to veterans in general,” he said. “Veterans learn skills in their military service like working as part of team, focusing on a mission and quickly adapting to change and figuring out problems on the fly. These skills can make them successful entrepreneurs. Thanks to Ridgefield Rotary and their generosity, more veterans will get the knowledge and training they need to start their own businesses. This not only helps the veterans and their families, it helps the economy and creates jobs and opportunities for others, too.”

For more information, contact Otrin at jason@oncoursedrones.com or call 860-391-6035. His website is oncoursedrones.com.


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