Rotarians like to have fun. More specifically, they like to eat. For confirmation see these items about the BBQ Festival and Taste of Ridgefield and annual picnic and Progressive Dinner.

Thus, it is with both hungry anticipation and more than a little bittersweet regret that the Ridgefield Rotary Club is planning to move its weekly dinner meeting effective the first week in August 2014 to Bartolo’s Restaurant.

For several years the Club has been meeting at The Bar & Grille On 7.  Club members have had nothing but gratitude and praise for the excellence of the food and the efficient and accommodating service at B&G. However, we have outgrown the meeting space that the restaurant is able to provide.

Many of the Club’s members have, of course, dined at Bartolo’s [link]and the restaurant has participated in our Taste of Ridgefield event in the past. So, Rotary members fully expect to continue to enjoy excellent meals at our weekly meetings.”

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