RVNAhealth staff and Rotary Club members gathered in appreciation of a grant recently received by RVNAhealth, made collectively by the Ridgefield, Stamford and Danbury Rotary Clubs, and matched by Rotary District 7980.  Funds allowed RVNAhealth to replace outdated computers with new laptops for better efficiency, portability, security, and improved access to the agency’s electronic medical record.
RVNAhealth will host the three clubs, plus district representatives, on Tuesday, February 25 at its Center for Exceptional Care for lunch and a show of gratitude, including a staff “meet & greet,” a presentation on agency services, plus tours of the RVNAhealth facility on Governor Street in Ridgefield.  The mission of RVNAhealth is to promote the highest quality of life at every age through compassionate healthcare, community and public health services, and wellness programs.

Pictured here are several area Rotarians with members of the RVNAhealth leadership team and the newly purchased laptops: (left to right) Joe Cleary; Ralph Passarelli; Joel Third; Mike Anderson; Keri Linardi, RVNAhealth; M.J. Heller, RVNAhealth; Gigi Weiss, RVNAhealth; Geri Blair; Mario Boursiquot, RVNAhealth; Melissa Papish, RVNAhealth; Theresa Santoro, RVNAhealth President & CEO; John Apinis, RVNAhealth; Christopher Hoeffel, Rotary District 7980; Robert Herber; Sue Manning; Bill Wyman

About RVNAhealth

RVNAhealth is a private, nonprofit organization that provides exceptional home and community health care services, supports public health and safety, and has promoted the highest quality of life for over 100 years. During this century, our name, services, and reach have evolved to meet the care and wellness needs of all those we serve, yet our focus on excellent care, quality and safety, and our guiding philosophy have remained steadfast – the individuals and patients we care for come first.


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