We are donating $600 to adopt a family for the summer.

To feed hungry schoolchildren and hard pressed families during the long COVID-19 summer, the Tiger Hollow organization and the Ridgefield Food Pantry are looking for volunteers to invest $30 to $60 a week — and some shopping time.

“There are neighbors in our community who are financially struggling from COVID-19. They rely on the school lunch program to feed their children. School will soon be out, but the need for lunch will not be,” says a message to the community from the Summer of 2020 Feed the Tiger Program.

Organizers anticipate that in the neighborhood of 50 to 100 Ridgefield families will be in need and the operation is being set up to provide them with food for 10 weeks over the summer when school is out, from June 22 to August 24.

“As of this morning 75 Ridgefield community members have volunteered to help support a family in the program,” Tiger Hollow President Jill Bornstein said Monday. “Folks like Larry Debany of 850 Restaurant have volunteered to provide free pizzas to families. The outpouring of support has been incredible.”

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