From the Danbury News Times August 27, 2014

By Evan Fallor

RIDGEFIELD — When Sue Manning visited a friend in Canfield, Ohio, last summer, she expected a display of patriotism before Independence Day. But what she saw astounded her.

“All I saw were these beautiful flags on the street,” said Manning, who has lived in Ridgefield for 44 years.

She said she wondered why the American flags

1,200 of them — were so prevalent around a town of just 7,400. She said her friend told her Canfield’s Rotary Club ha “Fly the Flag” nine years before that installs flags in residents’ yards for an annual fee and donates the profits to local and n Manning, a 20-year member of the Ridgefield Rotary Club, immediately fell in love with the idea. She decided to bring her o back home with her. “I said, ‘Ridgefield is a very patriotic town, and it’s a program the people will embrace,’ ” said Manning, they have.

“Fly the Colors” was introduced at October’s annual “Fall in Love with Ridgefield” festival and was billed as a way for resi

The flags — property of the Rotary Club — are installed before Memorial Day and removed before the winter. The $40 fi equipment, which is ordered individually as subscriptions come in. From the second year on, a $25 annual renewal fee is as

Starting next year, all proceeds from the project will go to area veterans and their families. Manning said 120 flags are ins

“It’s grown just the way we would like it to,” Manning said. “Slow and steady.”

The flags are installed before six holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Patriots Day and Vet preparation for Labor Day, flags were installed and can be seen flying on High Ridge, Main Street and other roads around to

To help get the program off the ground, Ridgefield Supply donated 200 10-foot poles, which were installed by the Ridgefield